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Unlock Your Herbal Expertise with Our Practitioner Database! 🌿

Are you a self-study enthusiast or a practitioner eager to stay on top of the latest techniques?

The Practitioner Database is your go-to resource.

 It's a game-changer for any herbalist working with the public! 🚀


Continuous Learning, Minus the Overload:

Designed to enhance your skills without overwhelming your schedule. No more endless new modules every few weeks. It's the perfect balance for ongoing education.


What's Inside the Database:

   Herb Breakdowns: Explore herbs categorized by bodily systems.

   Downloadable Resources: Worksheets and quizzes at your fingertips.

   Tailored Programs: Custom programs and protocols for practitioners.

Breakdown of the Herbs for Body Systems

Herbs for the Nervous System (Brain, Nerves, Spinal Cord)

Herbs for the Endocrine System (Adrenals, Thyroid, etc.) 

Herbs for the Respiratory System (Lungs) 

Herbs for the Kidneys 

Herbs for the Pancreas, Spleen 

Herbs for the Liver, Gallbladder 

Herbs for the Urinary System (Bladder) 

Herbs for the Stomach 

Herbs for the Colon 

Herbs for the Thyroid Gland 

Herbs for the Women's Reproductive System 

Herbs for the Men's Reproductive System 

Herbs for the Skin

Herbs for the Immune System (Virus Proof Your Health) 


What are programs or protocols you may ask?

These are custom tailored regimens for a specific illness or individual.

We currently have protocols on the following: