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Stand Out and Level Up!

In just 12 months of hands-on training, you'll gain the skills and confidence to build your empire

Unlock your full potential and cultivate a thriving herbal business today!

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Make Your Dream A Reality!

  • Sick of being in a dead end job with no opportunity to move up?

  • Tired of spending more time at work than with your kids? 

  • Is the stress from your job causing you health troubles? 

  • Are you tired of being burnt out,  dragging going into work each day?

It's time to tap into your God given, authentic self!

If you ever felt you didn't fit in, do not conform- become the blueprint of change!

It's time to shake up the herbal space~

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Money isn't everything, but having enough means you worry less about it-

creating space to live fully focused on your purpose.​​

✨ Create and Repurpose Your Content: Say goodbye to working triple the hours while still struggling to reach your audience. We'll explore techniques to create and repurpose engaging content across different platforms, from emails to posts, blogs, and videos.

⭐ Boost Your Online Presence: Ever wondered how to get more eyeballs 👀on your content and grow your email list? Trust me, sis, I've been there. But with the strategies I'll share, even with a small audience, you can build a thriving business while rocking that full-time mom life. Praise Yah! 👏🏾

☀️ Tap into Your Unique Purpose: Standing out is crucial in today's competitive market. Together, we'll help you fully tap into your purpose and overcome any imposter syndrome holding you back. You'll learn how to create content that speaks directly to the people you can truly help, while showcasing your authenticity.

🔨 Nail Your Branding: Let's dive deep into crafting compelling emails, site pages, and lead magnets. We'll cover all the fundamentals you need to create a powerful and cohesive brand that resonates with your audience.

💰 Feel-Good Pricing Strategies: Choosing the right pricing can be a daunting task, but fear not! I'll guide you through the process, ensuring you feel confident and proud of your value. We'll make sure your business model is scalable, and if necessary, we'll pivot your current offerings to maximize their potential.

📆 Master Your Schedule: Time management is key to juggling it all. We'll work on planning and organizing your schedule effectively so you can tackle your business goals with ease. And don't worry, I'll share tips on where to find free and paid options for outsourcing tasks that don't align with your strengths.

🌱 Starting from Scratch? No problem! Even if you're just beginning your journey, as long as you're willing to set up a website and put your content out there, you're in the right place. I've got your back every step of the way.


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Imagine also having prices that you could feel good about, where you and your clients will equally trade value in exchange for working together.

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Imagine providing your community with the tools and knowledge needed for them to empower themselves.

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Imagine being freed from a dependency on others outside of yourself for your health.

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Having freedom to choose your own schedule.

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Being debt free with savings and investments.

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Imagine having freedom to travel at your leisure.

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"The 1 on 1 session was informative on the breakdown of demographics on each social media platform. That helped me to know which platform(s) I will use in the business model.  The conversation helped me to put more thought into creating a brand story for the company. Lastly, the conversation confirmed I was on the right track in setting up the administrative side of things."




Together, we'll help you build a successful herbal business, rooted in authenticity and guided by divine purpose. It's time to cultivate your Herbal Empire and create a life of freedom, impact, and financial abundance.

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The course is open to all on a first come, first serve basis. The earlier you secure your spot, the quicker you can get to real results!

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Nail It!

Master the art and science of product formulation, packaging, and labeling. Ensure compliance with guidelines while sourcing high-quality herbs and ingredients. Validate your formulations, design attractive packaging, and calculate costs for optimal profitability.

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Solidify a Powerful Brand

Stand out from the competition by understanding your target audience better. We'll guide you through market research techniques, creating customer personas, and collecting valuable feedback.

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Achieve Financial Stability

By implementing the pricing strategies and business models taught in the program, you'll be on your way to financial stability. Being debt-free with savings and investments will provide you with peace of mind and the ability to focus on your purpose.

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Make a positive impact

You'll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to empower your community with herbal remedies and wellness education. Empower Your Community by providing them with the tools they need to take charge of their health.

"With financial stability, freedom, and a thriving herbal business,

you'll be able to live a fulfilling life focused on your purpose."


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Herbalism of Our Ancestors (Video)
Finding Your Purpose, Building Your Brand (Video)

Set Up Your Business Checklist (Video)
Creating a Business Plan

Creating A Brand Guide (Video)

Creating A Brand Kit (Video)
Choosing Your Brand Aesthetic (Video)


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Advanced Herbal Formulations (Video)

How to Create Labels from Scratch
Consultations, Inventory & Apothecary Mgmt (Video)
List of Suppliers
Physical Inventory Checklist (Herbs)
Product Development Quick Sheet
FDA Regulations
Outsourcing Herbal Formulas for Clients
Informed Client Consent Form (Waiver)

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Making a Content Pillar Sequence

Content Creation Strategy + Guide

Making an Email Automation Sequence
Creating Compelling Content (Video)
Creating Automations to Save Time & Money
Repurposing Long-Form Content Easily (Video)
Health Insurance
Payroll Resources

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Develop skills to work with clients and start your own herbal business, rooted in African cultural heritage. Gain instant Access to our advanced course. Understand the body's processes and address the root causes of health issues. Gain insight into the emotional, chemical, and hormonal causes of disease.

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Mastering the Womb Course

This is the holistic blueprint to mastering your womb! Learn how to promote wellness in all stages of life. Includes natural treatments for Reproductive disorders and STDs.
Explores herbal sources of iron, estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. Discusses Pregnancy, Labor, Menopause, Fertility, PCOS, Fibroids, Cancer and more.

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African Herbalism Course

Learn 40+ Plants & Usage using traditional methods of our forefathers. Learn how plant characteristics speak about the plant and how colors, tastes and actions come together.

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Access to the Next Level Tea Making, Blending Like A Boss Course. You'll be ready to confidently consult with clients and formulate holistically sound recipes and wellness programs.

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Fill your apothecary in just 10-20 minutes a day! Cut your OTC and prescription 💊 costs. Learn what to actually do with the leftover herbs you are already buying🌿 Comfortably treat a variety of ailments in house and quickly. Craft delicious recipes that your hubby and kids will eat (and supplement their nutrition with ease). Be prepared for the times ahead.

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All of KhadiYah's Books Herb Care Package with 35 herbs, tools & accessories to get started immediately.

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Unlimited class tickets and recordings for 1 year. Get a complimentary 1-year Support Membership and Herb of the Month plan included in your tuition!

Everything That's Included


Kitchen Herbalist Course, Take control of your health and the health of your family.

Holistic Herbalist Course, your gateway to a world of herbal knowledge and well-being!

1 on 1 with KhadiYah*, get personalized insights and mentorship to enhance your learning experience.

Personal Feedback from KhadiYah, have me look over your work and give you personalized tips to improve.

Monthly Group Sessions: Connect with other students, share experiences and continue learning.

Books & Resources​

Herbal Holistic Healing (Paperback), follow along with me as I go through the lessons in your textbook.

Workbook (Paperback), hone your skills and test your knowledge before moving on.

Herb Journal Paperback, spend focused time on one herb at a time and document your findings.

Everyday Herbs Paperback, make all the herbal remedies your family and clients could need!

Kiddie Kitchen Apothecary, learn about how to introduce herbs to children.

Recipes From the Earth: For the Face, Body & Hair Paperback, for holistic beauty and self-care.

Good Smells Perfume & Diffuser Blends for Beginners Paperback, for those who love a DIY project!

Mastering the Womb Workbook, follow along with the lessons, practice and take notes!

Black Woman & Plants Adult Coloring Book, express your creativity and unwind after studying.

Set of 13 Laminated Herbal Preparation Sheets, your easy access reference with extra herbal remedies!

Student Herb Care Package with 30 herbs, tools and accessories needed to create herbal medicines.

Guide to Herbs for Children and Pregnant Women, make sure your remedies are safe for your whole family!

Dosage Guidelines: Infants & Children Cheat Sheet, easily determine how much you give your children.

Sample Client Consult Form, know what important information you need to gather from clients. 

Virus Proof Your Health Lesson, strengthen your immune system and make informed choices during illness. 

Herb-Drug Interactions Lesson, ensure the safe use of herbs alongside medications. 

 Extra 1+ Hour Class "Women's Wellness for All Stages of Life", bonus training and Q&A with women like you!

 Fast & Fun Medicine Quick Sheet + Planner, your guide to making herbal medicine in as little as 20min. a day!

Herbal First Aid Kit, address common health concerns and be prepared for unexpected situations.

Herb Care Package, explore and experiment with 5 Top Herbs for Womb Health

Labor and Post-Delivery Kit, Learn the Essentials you must have a safe home birth!

Downloadable Recipe Cards, everything from Teas to Balms and Douches to try right now!

Certificate of Completion, a stamp of approval which certifies that you completed the course and assignments.


1 Year Access to the Practitioner Database (Your Digital Mentor featuring Breakdowns of Herbs for Various Bodily Systems, Downloadable Worksheets, Quizzes and Programs/Protocols for Practitioners)

1 Year Access to the Library of Herbal Wisdom (Instantly Access a Digital Archive of 150+ Herb Profiles, 

150+ Remedies & Recipes and Detailed Herbal Preparation Pages)

Our Students Also Receive:

25% off Books (in our store)

15% off Herbs (in our store)

50% off Practitioner Database and Library of Herbal Wisdom Plans

Miscellaneous Coupons on other Herbal Stores ​

*International orders may be subject to an additional shipping surcharge on the care package.

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Teaching thousands of women the steps to cultivate a happier and healthier life!

KhadiYah is a community herbalist, author and content creator. She specializes in teaching African and African American herbal traditions. She prid