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When You Shouldn't Detox! Detoxing Safely and Appropriately As an Herbalist

In today's video, I want to discuss detoxification and the reasons why it may not be suitable for everyone. Often, people focus on detoxifying the body without considering individual circumstances. It's important to understand that detoxification isn't appropriate for everyone.


Individuals with liver or kidney issues, especially those with liver or kidney disease, should avoid detoxification. When you detox, you put additional pressure on the digestive system, including the liver and kidneys. If these organs are already stressed or overworked, it's best to wait until they are functioning properly before attempting any additional detoxification. Instead of stimulating them and increasing their workload, it's better to allow them to restore their strength and capacity to perform their natural detoxification functions.

I want to take a moment to explain a few terms that you may hear me use in this video. When I refer to detoxing, I specifically mean using herbs such as teas or other substances to cleanse the body. Examples of detoxing substances include black walnut or stronger laxatives. Another term to note is "contraindications," which refers to using something when it's actually opposite to what is indicated or needed. Lastly, a "side effect" is an unintended effect experienced in addition to the expected result of a substance or action.


The second group of people who should avoid detoxification are women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. During this time, the baby relies on the mother's body, and what the mother consumes will be passed on to the baby. It's crucial to be cautious about using herbs that could negatively affect the baby's development or cause brain defects. There is a limited list of herbs recommended for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and it's essential to adhere to these guidelines for the safety of both mother and child. Additionally, the post-pregnancy period is a time when the body is healing and delicate. Putting extra stress or burden on the body, especially when providing nutrients for the baby, can be detrimental. Detoxification can lead to the loss of minerals and other essential substances, so it's important to prioritize the well-being of both mother and child.


The third group of individuals who should avoid detox methods are those taking active medications. It's crucial to consider contraindications between herbs and medications. In my book on holistic healing, I provide a list of common contraindications that you may encounter when using herbs alongside medications or for specific conditions. Apart from the ones I've listed, it's essential to be aware of how medications can interfere with the absorption and effectiveness of herbs. Detoxification can alter the body's response to medications, as it attempts to eliminate toxins and chemicals, potentially affecting their absorption or efficacy. If you are currently taking active medications, it's best to prioritize your medication regimen rather than actively pursuing detoxification. These two goals require separate focus.


Lastly, individuals with chronic illnesses or compromised immunity should also avoid detox methods. Detoxification places additional stress on the body, and the process itself requires a significant amount of energy. Even something as simple as having a bowel movement during detoxification requires considerable effort. Therefore, it's essential to ensure that your overall health and well-being are in a good state before adding the extra burden of detoxification. Each organ in our body has its own clock, determining when it performs specific functions. When we introduce external factors that disrupt this natural rhythm, we must consider the additional strain we are placing on the body.

To illustrate this, imagine being in a garden, harvesting plants. After picking a plant repeatedly, you would immediately provide it with water and allow it some time to recover and grow new leaves. Similarly, when it comes to our bodies, we need to take extra care and be mindful of our actions. If we're not in our best condition, it's better to postpone detoxification until a later time.


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