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TOP Signs & Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance

What are some indications that you may be dealing with hormonal imbalance? We'll discuss three different symptoms and natural recovery with herbs.


So, the first symptom I want to talk about is weight gain.

If you are a person that eats really healthy, and you are exercising but you're still not able to lose weight, it can be due to some factors like the thyroid. The thyroid has many functions including regulating our metabolism and managing our weight gain, also our development and our growth. If you have an imbalance in the thyroid, it can be seen as weight gain.

Another indicator could be estrogen. Estrogen has many different functions, and it also deals with gaining body weight, the density of our bones and also building muscle strength. It is a very important hormone but if you have excess amounts of estrogen, it may be seen as weight gain as well. So, in those instances, you really want to focus on herbs that are going to help regulate the thyroid hormones and also get rid of some excess estrogen if that's what you're dealing with.


The next symptom we're going to talk about is acne; acne has many different causes. It's very common to have hormonal acne, especially if you have acne that is cystic or underneath the skin, and if you have acne that comes at certain times of the month such as before menstruation, or you may be noticing when you eat certain foods you may have breakouts as well.

I noticed that I would always get breakouts in the same place, and I would get it before my period, and that's not something that you have to struggle with. You can because you already are aware of how your body reacts and the misalignment that you have of the different hormones, and then you can work on regulating those, so you don't have those issues anymore. More so than what you put on your skin is about what you're eating when you're dealing with acne. So, you definitely want to take a holistic approach and not just worry about the products that you put on your skin, but also worry about regulating your hormones. Hormones are very important when it comes to the skin. Androgens are actually the real cause of acne, whether it is making your skin oily or just clogging the pores and leading to acne as well.

When it comes to symptoms, any little thing whether it's bumps on the skin, on the face, on the body or anyplace else are all symptoms or indicators that something's wrong. All the different organs in the body don't just show problems right where they're located but they show problems all throughout the body and all throughout the skin. If you have bags under your eyes, we know that this has to do with the kidneys and water retention, and you'll see the fluid building up underneath these pockets right underneath your eyes.

It's like that with all the different organs and there's actually something called face mapping. Depending on where anything is happening on your skin whether it's acne discoloration, a swelling or a rash, it's indicative of a certain part inside your body that is unbalanced. So that may be something that you want to look into as well if you're constantly having battling acne on a certain part of your skin, you want to check that out because it's telling you about a certain part of your body.

So, for me, I talked about my story, about my reproductive issues that I was having. I’ve always had acne right around this jawline. I would always eat lots of sweets and so I would have acne right around my mouth from the sweets. There are different parts of your body that shows in different areas on the skin and so you really want to be mindful of it, and don't just look at anything as small. Every single thing should be taken into account and is indicative of your internal health.


The last symptom is one that you can probably guess and that's going to be PMS or mood swings. I did want to mention this because this is something again that is not normal. It's not supposed to happen; every time you're on your period you're not supposed to be in a bad mood. It can be pretty much normal but with menstruation, if you're noticing that you're having these mood swings, or you feel down or depressed, or

if you're just really angry and irritable then that's something that can be addressed with again, eating.

You really want to be careful of the things that you eat right before your period and during your period, or your moon cycle. Just as we eat seasonally, you want to change your diet when you know that you are going to be menstruating. It's very important, and also incorporating different herbs in there to help settle the nerves with the use of nervines, or also helping to strengthen the reproductive system right before you have a period, and also making sure that your hormone levels are where they need to be.

You've reached the end of this short little informative video about the hormones and how they can play in different parts of your life. If you have any of those symptoms, you might want to look a little bit further into each of these things that I mentioned in today's post. I have a new section on my website, where you can learn about the different systems of the body and some of the different herbs that you can use. For some herbs you can even click on it and go to a blog post that I have talking a little bit more about the herb and how to use it.