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The Four Steps to Embark on Your Herbal Journey: A Comprehensive Guide

Shalom, everyone!

One of the most commonly asked questions I receive is about the herbs beginners should start with and how to begin their herbal journey. In this blog post, I aim to answer these questions and provide guidance for beginners. I have developed a four-step framework with four levels of safety that will help you navigate your herbal exploration.

So, let's dive in and explore each step-in detail.

Step 1: The Kitchen

The first step in your herbal journey begins in the comfort of your own kitchen. Starting with herbs you are already familiar with allows you to ease into the process. In the kitchen, you are already acquainted with various herbs, their flavors, and how to use them in your culinary endeavors. This familiarity makes it easier to expand your usage of these herbs and experiment with different preparations such as extracts and infusions. Kitchen herbs are easily accessible, whether in your spice cabinet or through live plants available at local stores.

By starting with the herbs readily available in your kitchen, you gain confidence in your herbal knowledge and can readily assist friends and family when they seek herbal remedies.

At this stage, beginner herbalists may wonder, "Is it possible that kitchen herbs can be as potent or versatile as people claim?" It's natural to have such doubts, but it's essential to remember that all herbs were created equal and with a purpose. While kitchen herbs may seem ordinary, they possess remarkable healing properties. Embracing kitchen herbs is not only practical but also an opportunity to experience the extraordinary within the everyday.


Step 2: The Backyard or Garden

Once you have mastered the kitchen herbs, it's time to step outside and explore the abundance of herbs in your backyard or garden. Foraging in your backyard is a great learning experience, and it doesn't have to cost a fortune. If you haven't used any pesticides or chemicals in your backyard for at least three years, you can find a variety of herbs growing naturally. This step is not only affordable but also allows you to connect with nature and the plants in your immediate environment.

By identifying and utilizing backyard herbs, you expand your herbal repertoire while staying true to your surroundings.


Step 3: The Forest

The next step takes you beyond your backyard and into the forest or any natural environment outside your immediate surroundings. When exploring the forest, be conscious of where you harvest your plants. Avoid areas near roadways, heavy pollution, or stagnant water, as these can compromise the quality of the herbs. The forest provides a vast array of herbs that may differ from what you find in your backyard. Take the knowledge you gained from the previous steps and apply it to identify and utilize these wild plants. It's important to harvest responsibly and sustainably, ensuring that you leave enough for the plants to thrive.


Step 4: Abroad

The final step in your herbal journey involves exploring herbs that are not easily accessible or native to your region. These may be exotic herbs you've discovered online or heard about from other sources. After building a strong foundation of knowledge and experience with kitchen herbs, backyard plants, and forest foraging, you are now ready to expand your horizons. Research and seek out these herbs, keeping in mind their origin, properties, and recommended usage.

Embrace this step with an open mind and a willingness to learn about new herbal remedies.


Embarking on an herbal journey is a rewarding and enriching experience. By following the four-step framework of starting in the kitchen, exploring the backyard and garden, venturing into the forest, and finally delving into herbs from abroad, you build a solid foundation of knowledge and confidence. Remember to practice sustainable harvesting, be mindful of the environment, and always prioritize the safety and well-being of yourself and others.

Enjoy the process of discovering and utilizing

the power of herbs on your holistic healing journey.