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Do Herbs Really Work? Can You Trust Herbs?

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So, you've seen my video about what herbs can do for us, where I broke down the various ways that herbs can work in the body. Today I'm going to explain why I believe you can trust herbs and the reasons why you can believe that herbs do work.

Reason number one for me my number one reason is myself. I'm living proof that years of living with an imbalance can be reversed. I've seen firsthand that I can create blends that are able to address even chronic illnesses in those who I've worked with. But if our testimonials aren't enough, you can look at science. There are many studies that have proven that herbs do what our ancestors believed them to. Take turmeric for instance, turmeric has a compound inside of it called curcumin. Well, a study done the American Diabetic's association found that 250mg of curcumin taken 6 times a day for nine months prevented type 2 diabetes in 100% of patients.

Or Celery seed. There was an animal study, which I don't love, but it found that celery seed reduced the blood pressure of animals with high blood pressure. The even more shocking fact, it had no effect on those with normal blood pressure. This alone proves how intelligently the plants work in the body.

The number 2 reason why we can trust that herbs work is the fact that the Bible tells us so. I'm a Bible believer so knowing that the creator made herbs for us, recommended that we use them and that fact that He used them Himself is all the proof that I need. And I'm going to be doing a video all about the herbs of the Bible, but the short version is that in Genesis 1:29 we are told that fruits and herb bearing seeds are for our meat, and in Revelation 22:2 herbs are going to be for the healing of the nation. So essentially from the beginning of time to the end of this world, Herbs will be here for our benefit.

Lastly, we can trust that herbs work because 25% of pharmaceuticals are derived from them. I talked about curcumin being taken out of turmeric, well that is just one instance, where modern medicine has taken from the original medicine. Aspirin is also derived from plants; the birth control pill was derived from plants. Codeine, atropine, the list goes on.

I hope that I have given you some insights on why you can feel that you can trust herbs, just as much as you trust any of the modern medicine that we have today. Herbalism has more of a track record, where modern medicine is only l 100 or so years old. We have thousands of years of history with our plants so if you don't want to take my word for it, try them all for yourself and take the Creator's word for it because he gave these plants to us who are healing for our nourishment for our meat for our sustenance and to be for the service of men.