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The Holistic Herbalist Course

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Tired of cookie-cutter herb schools that lack depth and relevance? Say goodbye to boring, outdated Western-based herbalism and cliched herb fairies, chakras and witches. Our approach is different. We focus on unleashing your intuitive, deep-thinking herbalist self, empowering you to connect with herbs on a profound level. No more memorizing herbs or superficial knowledge. Instead, we'll help you tap into your inner wisdom and develop a holistic mindset rooted in ancestral wisdom. Learn to rewire your brain to think holistically (most "holistic" herbalists actually aren't holistic) Understand the body's processes and address the root causes of health issues. Discover how to create herbal formulations and wellness programs that honor African traditional healing practices. Gain insight into the emotional, chemical, and hormonal causes of disease. Develop skills to work with clients and start your own herbal business, rooted in African cultural heritage. Join us for a transformative journey to become a skilled and culturally responsive holistic herbalist! This course includes KhadiYah's books Everyday Herbs Herbal Holistic Healing The Holistic Herb Journal The Herbal Holistic Healing Workbook Recipes From the Earth Good Smells Everything you need to make herbal medicine right away, Student Herb kit (10 Herbs of choice, bottles, tools, beeswax, glycerin, empty capsules & more) Monthly Group sessions hosted by KhadiYah Certificate of Completion* 

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