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How Hobby Herbalists Become Practitioners: From Winging it to Wisdom! Are you a self-study enthusiast or a practitioner eager to stay on top of the latest techniques? Seeking deeper understanding for prolonged health issues you've been dealing with? The Practitioner Database is your go-to resource—a game-changer for any herbalist working with the public! 🚀 What's In It for You? As you progress, you'll encounter new challenges, such as managing medications or dealing with rapidly declining health. This is where the Practitioner Database steps in, filling the gaps with detailed programs for common ailments and extensive classes on connecting herbs with individual needs. * Designed to enhance your skills without overwhelming your schedule, the Database offers regularly dripped content that balances accountability and mastery. * Dive into our tailored programs and protocols, extensive herb breakdowns by bodily systems, and downloadable resources like worksheets and quizzes. Each feature is crafted to deepen your understanding and refine your practice. * From custom tailored regimens for specific illnesses to in-depth class schedules, you'll receive expert training and practical tools to help you become a skilled herbalist. What's Inside the Database? (View the Modules Below) -Herb Breakdowns: Explore herbs categorized by bodily systems, from the nervous system to the reproductive system. -Tailored Programs: Custom protocols for specific health concerns like ADHD, anxiety, hypertension, menopause, and more. - Toolkit Resources: Extra guides to help you better assist your clients in building a sustainable foundation of health. -Featured Classes: Monthly class recordings ($99 value) focusing on key health topics and herbal applications. -Downloadable Resources: Worksheets, quizzes, and sample profiles to aid your practice. The Practitioner Database Plan contains unique information not found in the Practitioner Database Book Series and vice versa.

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