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I'm KhadiYah, the head herbalist here. I am passionate about fostering holistic wellness through healthy lifestyle choices, delicious nutrient dense foods and mindful practices of self-care.

My goal is to help you regain health, vitality and whole-body alignment while encouraging you to reconnect with yourself and inspiring you to play an active role in your own health! 

What do Herbalists do?

Herbalism is not an accepted field of medicine; it is also not regulated by the Federal Government. As herbalists, we are not permitted to diagnose, treat or prescribe medication for any condition (unless one  has  a medical license in another field). We can however provide support and education about herbs; and we are able to legally dispense herbs to our clients.

What Do I do?

You are unique and so your approach to wellness should be too! During your time with me, we'll discuss your current health and history, lifestyle habits and elements of your personal life that are all important aspects of your personal journey. Afterwards you'll receive a fully customized herbal blend and/or wellness program specific to your needs and taste preferences. If you chose our Herbal Helper System you'll enjoy meal ideas, exercises for mental, spiritual and physical health, as well as a bonus planner to ensure that you have the tools necessary to find sucess in your new program!

Who do I help?

The people that I help are typically other moms and their growing children, though my knowledge also expands to other members of the household. Our clients range from those who need simply need guidance to those who are suffering from more persistent conditions. 

Are there in-person services?


Currently, all of our services are done virtually. Each participant can receive a video chat or phone call at a time and date that is most convenient for their schedule. Clients are encouraged to upload pictures, videos, documents or any other information on their client form which is required before the visit.

Are there options for Payment Assistance?

Buyers are given the option to pay for services through monthly installments using PayPal credit, Sezzle or Affirm. If you are not able to use this option or if you would like additional help with payments, fill out our client form in full, mentioning your financial situation and what you are able to pay at the bottom of the form. There is no guarantee that you will receive services at a discounted rate, but you will be added to our list, and someone will reach out to you if a spot opens.

  • Have a question about one of our courses or programs?

    15 min

  • An informal chat to get your herb related questions answered.

    30 min

  • 45 min

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