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Butter & Yogurt From Scratch

One of the best things I did was venture into make my own dairy based products from home. While I don't have a dairy cow, or goat, I knew that from using simple ingredients like cream or milk, I could replace some of the store product dairy products that I bought. Today we'll look at making butter, yogurt and ice cream. Butter is the easiest, so I'll start with that one first.

Butter is the simplest because it has the fewest steps, and it needs the fewest ingredients. On the ingredient front you can make butter with only one ingredient, heavy whipping cream. I like adding in garlic and herbs into mine. You can even put the butter into a mold and cut into sticks like the ones you'd get at the store. I use a stand mixer, so I really don't do much work at all. You add the cream and whip it on high, my blender has a "whip" setting, but you want to do it pretty high, start low and increase slowly because you don't want it to splash everywhere! Whip it past the whipped cream stage, listen to you hear the sloshing sound. At this point you will have butter and the separated whey which you can use anywhere in place of milk. See the process in it's entirety below.


Yogurt is much more economical to make at home. You can also control the amount of sugar the final product makes, if you decide to add any. This recipe calls for just 2 ingredients, milk and "starter" from a previous yogurt culture, but I like to add heavy cream to make it a little thicker. You choose to make "regular" or Greek yogurt. I have a video linked below where I show the whole process, and how to make yours dairy free!


Finally, it's time to make ice-cream! I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream! YUM! This is pretty simple to do as well and it contains 3 ingredients, heavy whipping cream, sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla bean (optional but so recommended). This yields for quite a sweet ice-cream so I play around with this and add toppings to taste. Check this video out below!