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Are Diseases Hereditary? Breaking Generational Curses

In this video we're going to discuss the topic: is disease hereditary and if they're not genetic how we can go about breaking generational curses. This is a big topic let's dive straight into it!

A Resounding NO!

It's my belief and the belief of many others that most disease, the majority of time, are not genetic; unless it can be traced to a specific gene. In most cases, I think it's much more of nurture versus nature. so let me explain that a little bit further...

The reason why children get the same diseases as their parents is that you know they grow up in the same house, they use the same products, they eat the same foods and so once they transition out of the home and create their own families, they go about doing the same things that their parents did, the same way in which they did. You have all of these different things that can cause disease that have been transferred from the adult to the child and in most cases you see where children say "I'm not gonna be like my parent" you know "I'm not going to do that once I get my own house" or "once I get my own children". I'm not gonna do that.

I think back to some of the parenting choices that I didn't agree with and I said the same statement, and then guess what. When I had my own children, I found myself doing the same thing. The reason why is because actions speak so much louder than words right. I said these things but did I proactively do anything to make sure I wouldn't do that? Did I look through parenting books or magazines or articles and research why we do this one thing and then how not to do it? That's not something that I did, I just spoke idle words and then when I started parenting, because I didn't know any other alternatives, and I didn't know how to manage or react when they did XYZ, I defaulted to what I knew, what my mother did.


Sometimes we find us ourselves saying,

"I'm not going to have this illness"

and then next thing you know you show up with the same illness. There was no change in habit.

Many diseases are caused by food.

Our body needs the food for fuel and for nutrients;

it's basically linked or intertwined with our own survival. It's also one of the main ways in which we can harm ourselves if we are not eating right.


Eat to live!

We don't have to we don't have to succumb to the same illnesses. We may have certain predispositions to certain illnesses from the way that our body is shaped, our certain traits that we get from our parents.

In my book herbal holistic healing, I talk about the fact that I was born at 30 weeks. I had a bad relationship with my liver from the very beginning. I had jaundice, I had a whole bunch of hosts of issues that I feel still affect me today. It's probably one of the main factors of why I have always been so in touch with food and everything because I feel every little change in my body.

We also have to be mindful of regurgitating the same talking points, "well my grandmother did XYZ, it's always grandma, she did XYZ or she ate XYZ and she lived to be 93 or she lived to be 103. I also had great grandmother that lived to be 103. That was beautiful, I was in high school and my great-grandmother was still alive, what a blessing! But we have to understand the situations have changed, the food quality that they had was much better. The food had so much more nutrients, today we need to have certain amount of oranges to get the same nutrition that they would have had from one. Not only that, it was normal for them to be able to have quality organic food which has been found scientifically proven to have more nutrients than the conventionally grown food.

They didn't pesticide ridden food, they didn't have all these different chemicals and GMOs that we have today. Many of our great grandparents our grandparents made their own products and grew their own food, whereas we buy everything and there's cheap preservatives and food dyes in everything. Our forefathers, for the most part, didn't have the money to afford to buy everything so they did things himself. Now that we have that luxury, we also have the luxury of harming ourselves in so many more ways! We can't do the same things that Grandma and Grandpa did .


No More Excuses!

We really want we don't want to acknowledge the truth.

We don't want to make these changes because they're hard and because they've been ingrained in us for so many years, for so many gears decades...

But it is a change that we have to do, so I'm here to tell you that if you have the same illnesses as you know your parents, it's because you didn't do anything different. And if you want to get rid of those illnesses, then you're going to have to do something radical to change what's going on. It's really easy to blame our parents, it's really easy to blame everything outside of ourselves, but in the end we vote with our dollars and we're the ones who have to actually put action behind the words that we say. I know manifestation is a big thing but more than manifesting things you actually need to actually step into action. Faith without works is dead, so you got to do the works!

I'm here to give you guys that reminder and to let you know you got to hold yourself accountable. It's your health, and your body, so you play the biggest role and you are the biggest factor in it.

A little food for thought today , tell me what you think in the comments!