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Secret to Mastering Herbal Formulas

Making formulas is one of the hardest skills to master, that's probably why you're here.

I'll also teach you a few tips to elevate your skills.

My T.E.A. method will make sure you

  • Create recipes that look and taste good! This is important because you want people to enjoy taking them!

  • Get the most out of your herbs! You can choose the right herb, but it won't work if you prepare it wrong.                (This is a common mistake that beginners make.)

  • Avoid contraindications! You can exacerbate illness, which is every herbalist's fear.

  • Create a recipe that yields results! This is the reason why you make your blend in the first place.

My guide will allow you to craft remedies with confidence and certainty.

Secret to Mastering Herbal Formulas

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