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This course has been discontinued. This page might be your last chance to access it.

Want to Know My Secrets?

From Bland to Brilliant: Elevate Your Teas with the T.E.A. Method

You'll uncover the secrets of extracting maximum flavor and medicinal benefits from herbs, ensuring that each cup of tea you make is a true masterpiece.

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Serving Up Success

  • Craft fully custom tea blends tailored to individual preferences and needs.

  • Create formulas for apothecaries or herbal businesses using multiple methods.

  • Confidently make herbal infusions, decoctions, and sun teas for optimal flavor and benefits.

  • Maximize the medicinal properties of herbs through proper extraction techniques.


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Are you tired of boring, lifeless boxed teas and toxic tea bags?

Do you want to unlock the true potential of tea by crafting your own custom blends? Look no further! The Next Level Tea Making: Blending Like A Boss Program is here to revolutionize your tea-making experience.

Raise your hand if you want to master the art of tea! 👋🏾

Keep that hand raised if you want to make your own medicinal blends! 👋🏾👋🏾‼️👇🏾

Our powerful program is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to create exquisite teas that are not only delicious but also potent and beneficial. With our T.E.A. Method, you will master the art of tea blending in just five simple steps.

  • Fed up with teas that claim to be beneficial but fail to deliver the potency and medicinal benefits you desire?

  • Are you tired of relying on pre-packaged tea blends that don't align with your specific needs and preferences?

  • Are you ready to break free from the monotony of store-bought teas and experience the true richness and flavor of homemade blends?

  • Do you want to take your apothecary or herbal business to the next level by learning how to create formulas that truly deliver results?

  • Have you ever felt overwhelmed and unsure about the right methods to make herbal infusions, decoctions, and sun teas, and want to gain the confidence to do it right?

Endless Possibilities...

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Imagine confidently creating unique and flavorful tea blends that impress your friends and family.

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Imagine a pantry filled with carefully selected herbs and ingredients, ready to be transformed into personalized tea concoctions.

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Imagine sipping on a cup of tea that not only delights you but also provides health benefits tailored to your needs.

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Imagine opening an herbal business, armed with the knowledge and skills to create formulas that truly make a difference.

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Imagine having confidence and mastery in the art of tea making, and teaching others.

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Imagine trying new combinations everyday of herbal infusions, decoctions, and sun teas.

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"I hope you continue to share these teachings because I am so new to this and I have took other online courses and I was not happy with the way they presented the course. I have found what I have hoped for in your teachings. I feel good about my future as a herbalist. You have a beautiful gift thank you for sharing it with us."

Geneva, Graduate of the Next Level Tea Blending Course



Whether you're crafting teas for yourself, your loved ones, or your herbal business, our program will equip you with the essential knowledge to create formulas that cater to specific needs and preferences.

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Unlock a world of tea-making possibilities!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to become a tea blending master, enhance your well-being, and take your herbal practice to the next level. The time to invest in yourself and your tea journey is now.

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Gain Confidence and Competence

Confidently create a wide variety of custom tea blends that cater to yourunique tastes and desired health benefits. Develop formulas for your apothecary or herbal business that address specific health concerns and meet the needs of your customers.

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Master Mixer

Expertly select and combine herbs based on your preference of tastes, actions, and energetics to create well-balanced and effective blends.

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Spice It UP

Skillfully make herbal infusions, decoctions, and sun teas, unlocking the full potential of herbs and maximizing their flavor and medicinal properties. PLUS get 39 of my delicious recipes using herbs that are cost efficient and accessible.

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Level Up!

Transform your tea-drinking experience, enjoying flavorful, potent, and truly satisfying teas that are far superior to boxed and store-bought options. Receive personalized feedback and guidance from KhadiYah, allowing you to continuously improve your tea-making skills and refine your blends.

"We will revolutionize your tea-drinking journey,

ensuring that each sip brings joy, health, and fulfillment.

Your tea problems end here, and the solution begins with us."


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Supply List, Herbs for Pregnant Women & Children Notes,

Tea Making Basics

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T.E.A. Method & Tea Making Demonstration (VIDEO) 9 steps: Guide to Making Teas , The Potency of Herbs: How to Tell, Roots that Should Not be Decocted, How to Make an Herbal Infusion, Tea Making Class & Solar Infusion, My Favorite Beverage Herbs, Where to Purchase Herbs, Written Notes and Quiz

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Herbal Terminology Notes & Video

We will delve into various terminologies related to herbs. While this list is not exhaustive, it serves as a valuable starting point to enhance your understanding of herbs and their properties.

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How To Make A Medicinal Tea Blend 3 steps:

Recipe Building 101 (Video), Advanced Formulations, Mock Formulas

Learn the step-by-step method to create potent medicinal blends and holistic wellness programs that work. Learn about how to incorporate food as medicine. Incorporate healthy lifestyle changes, exercise and more into your protocol. Understand the differences between caring for chronic and acute illnesses with real examples.

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Tea Recipes 2 steps: Warm Infusion, Cold Infusions, Solar or Refrigerator Teas

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Herb & Drug Interactions, Mock Client Consult Form

Our mission is to equip you with comprehensive knowledge so that you can make informed decisions regarding your herbal and pharmaceutical choices for yourself, family or clients.

Everything That's Included!

Next Level Tea Making Course, revolutionize your tea-making experience, level up your formulating skills!

Personal Feedback from KhadiYah, have me look over your shoulder and give you personalized tips to improve.

Books & Materials:

Everyday Herbs Hardcover, make all the herbal remedies your family and clients could need!

Holistic Herb Journal Hardcover, retain what you learn, collect scientific research, recipes, photos & more.

Professional Formulations: Recipe & Cost Tracking Guide, Create purposeful and profitable blends. 

Herb Starter Kit (Chamomile, Hibiscus, Raspberry Leaf, Nettle & Lavender) to make your first creations.

Sample Client Consult Form, know what you important information you need to gather from clients. 

Bonus Lesson on Herb Drug Interaction, get lifechanging results and avoid contraindications.

Certificate of Completion, your stamp of approval containing the # of hours studied and that all assignments were completed successfully.


Complimentary 1 Month Access to the Library of Herbal Wisdom (Instantly Access a Digital Archive of 150+ Herb Profiles, 150+ Remedies & Recipes and Detailed Herbal Preparation Pages).

Access your course on our Mobile App!

Downloadable Video, Audio, Notes and Transcripts Provided.

Our Students Also Receive:


25% off Books (in our store)

15% off Herbs (in our store)

25% off Practitioner Database and Library of Herbal Wisdom Plans

+ Miscellaneous Coupons on other Herbal Stores ​

*International orders may be subject to an additional shipping surcharge on the care package.

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Teaching thousands of women the steps to cultivate a happier and healthier life!

KhadiYah is a community herbalist, author and content creator. She specializes in teaching African and African American herbal traditions. She prides herself on being a self professed "Kitchen Herbalist" and teaches others to be the same. She also coined the T.E.A. method to teach her students how to make the perfect blend of tea every time.


"KhadiYah is so fun, down to earth, and knowledgeable. I would take this or any of her other trainings without a second thought!"


"Thank you for devoting your time and energy to give us this deep knowledge concerning our bodies and how to heal ourselves. Most of all I thank our Father in heaven for providing you this knowledge to share with us!"


"Khadiyah was knowledgeable and engaging. I especially appreciated the emphasis of choosing herbs not just for symptoms but for the individual constitution as well."



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  • You are dedicated to learning and have an open mind.

  • You thrive in an interactive environment, and will engage in the group discussions.

  • You are willing to set aside time to diligently work on your studies.

  • You are willing to hone your skills by completing assignments or quizzes to make sure that you retain the lesson materials.

  • You are ready to become an herbalist in thought and deed.

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  • You prefer to learn the "what" instead of the "how". We believe in empowering our students and clients with knowledge, so they do not need to depend on us for answers. If you just want to learn what "herbs do", and you are satisfied with memorizing content over mastering herbal skills and obtaining wisdom, this course is not for you.

  • You don't want to study holistically. If you are okay with only addressing symptoms and using herbs in place of pharmaceuticals without making necessary changes to the spiritual, emotional and lifestyle as a whole, this course is not for you.

  • You aren't ready to spend hours perfecting your craft. If you are not fully motivated to the work and you are still making excuses, or waiting for the "perfect time", this course is not for you. We are ready to teach and assist but we will only match your effort.


Full Payment of $549 ($1̶,̶2̶24)

Everything You Need

  • Lifetime access to the Next Level Tea Making Course ($999 value)

  • Everyday Herbs Hardcover ($40 value)

  • Holistic Herb Journal Hardcover ($75 value)

  • Professional Formulations: Recipe & Cost Tracking Guide ($25 Value)

  • Certificate of Completion


  • Herb Care Package 5 Herb and supplies ($50 value)

  • Complimentary 1 Month Library of Herbal Wisdom Plan 

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You Can Brew
With Us!

Don't settle for mediocre teas when you can elevate your tea-drinking experience to new heights. Join us now and embark on a flavorful and fulfilling tea adventure.

Let the tea revolution begin!

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"Thank you for opening my understanding a better way of approaching herbalism. I love this approach better than just memorizing the usage for a list of symptoms."



Q: Is this course accredited?

A: The field of herbalism isn't federally regulated or accepted as a healing practice. You won't be able to become a "certified herbalist" but after completing our course you will receive a certificate.

Q: Is prior tea-making experience required to enroll in this course?

A: No, this course is designed for beginners and enthusiasts alike. No prior experience is necessary.

Q: What equipment or ingredients will I need for the course?

A: The course will provide a detailed list of recommended equipment and ingredients. Most of them are commonly available in kitchens or can be easily sourced. We will also provide you with 5 herbs to make your first blends.

Q: Can I take this course if I have dietary restrictions or allergies?

A: Absolutely! The course will cover a wide range of herbs, allowing you to select ingredients that suit your dietary needs and accommodate allergies.

Q: How long is the course, and can I go at my own pace?

A: The course duration may vary, but it is designed to be completed within 3-6 months with diligence. You can access the course materials at your convenience and progress at your own pace.

Q: Will I receive any feedback on my tea blends?

A: Yes, by the end of the course, you will have the opportunity to create your own blend and receive personalized feedback from KhadiYah.

Q: Can I access course materials after completion?

A: Yes, you will have downloadable and physical course materials, allowing you to revisit the content and continue learning at your own pace.


Q: Is there a community or forum where I can interact with fellow learners?

A: Yes, we provide a private community for students where you can connect with other learners, ask questions, and share your tea-making experiences.

Q: Will this course cover the business aspects of herbal teas?

A: While the primary focus is on tea blending and making, the course does touch upon creating formulas for apothecaries or herbal businesses, providing valuable insights for those interested in starting their own ventures. For more specialized business information, check out our Grow Your Herbal Empire Course Program.

Q: How will this program help me overcome common challenges in herbalism, such as choosing the right herbs and understanding dosages?

A: This program focuses on practical application. You will learn effective strategies for selecting the right herbs based on individual needs, as well as dosage considerations based on factors like age and weight. We provide guidance and resources to equip you with the confidence and knowledge needed to navigate these challenges successfully.

Q: Is there a certificate upon completion of the course?

A: Yes, upon successfully completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion, validating your newfound knowledge and skills in tea making.

We are dedicated to providing our students with quality customer service.

If you have any questions about your course, KhadiYah and her team will respond within 24 hours (during business hours).

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Ready to Master Herbal Formulas?

Embrace the opportunity to create exceptional, custom tea blends that will tantalize your taste buds, nurture your well-being, and impress those around you.

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