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Yah's Herbal Wisdom Conference


Welcome to Yah's Herbal Wisdom Conference, a transformative multi-day live virtual event designed to enlighten and empower biblical herbalists and enthusiasts. Join us as we gather leading experts and passionate speakers to explore a wide array of topics related to nutrition, herbalism, and holistic African-centered health.

Yah's Herbal Wisdom Conference is an extension of Yah's Apothecary, founded by KhadiYah Preciado, to address the urgent need to return to a biblical grassroots approach for healing the African diaspora. This conference is crafted to inspire, educate, and equip the next generation with the ability to think outside the box and apply their herbal wisdom and expertise to all facets of life.



What to Expect

- Expert Speakers: Hear from renowned biblical herbalists and guest experts sharing their wisdom on nutrition, herbalism, and holistic health.

- Diverse Topics: Engage in discussions covering a variety of subjects including gut health, the male reproductive system, juicing and adopting vegan food regimens, buying land, homesteading and prepping, the significance of nutrition in holistic health, and the integration of African-centered practices.

- Interactive Sessions: Participate in Q&A sessions, live demonstrations, and interactive workshops designed to enhance your understanding and skills.

- Community Building: Connect with like-minded individuals, network with fellow herbal enthusiasts, and build lasting relationships within the community.



 Our Mission

Yah's Herbal Wisdom Conference is dedicated to:

- Education: Providing comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in biblical herbalism and holistic health.

- Empowerment: Encouraging innovative thinking and application of herbal knowledge to improve personal and community well-being.

- Entrepreneurship: Supporting herbal entrepreneurs in establishing their businesses, thereby expanding health and food options within our communities.

 Why Attend?

- Gain insights into a holistic, African-centered approach to health that integrates biblical principles.

- Learn from experienced practitioners and experts who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise.

- Show up live and get real time answers to all of your questions.

- Be part of a supportive and vibrant community dedicated to promoting health and wellness within the African diaspora.

Join us at Yah's Herbal Wisdom Conference and take a step towards a healthier, more holistic future rooted in biblical and African traditions.


Let's return to our roots and build a stronger, healthier community together.

Our Guest Speakers


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Teaching thousands of women the steps to cultivate a happier and healthier life!

KhadiYah is a community herbalist, author and content creator. She specializes in teaching African and African American herbal traditions. She prides herself on being a self professed "Kitchen Herbalist" and teaches others to be the same. She also coined the T.E.A. method to teach her students how to make the perfect blend of tea every time.

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