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Get ready to unwind and nourish your soul

with a free coloring book celebrating the beauty of Black women and the healing power of plants!


In today's fast-paced world, finding moments of tranquility and inspiration is essential for nourishing the soul and recharging your spirit. What better way to unwind than by immersing yourself in the calming art of coloring, surrounded by vibrant illustrations celebrating the beauty of plants?

Whether you're a seasoned artist or simply looking for a therapeutic activity to unwind after a long day, this coloring book is the perfect companion for your journey to wellness. Take a break from the demands of daily life, and let yourself be inspired by the beauty of the natural world.



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Teaching thousands of women the steps to cultivate a happier and healthier life!

KhadiYah is a community herbalist, author and content creator. She specializes in teaching African and African American herbal traditions. She prides herself on being a self professed "Kitchen Herbalist" and teaches others to be the same. She also coined the T.E.A. method to teach her students how to make the perfect blend of tea every time.

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