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Why Herbs Didn't Work for You! Building A Strong Foundation for Holistic Healing

Shalom, family, whether or not you are a gardener, you're about to learn a little bit about the importance of a strong foundation, let's talk about the garden!

We're talking specifically about the soil.

That's where we sow the seed, where it gets its nutrients, develops its root system, and grows strong. When it's firmly planted, it's able to bloom, prosper, and yield fruit. We want the same thing in our herbal practice. But just having soil isn't enough; you need the right soil.

There are different types—clay, sandy, each with different nutrient compositions. For instance, growing onions with good seed and germination but small bulbs may signal a lack of potassium. Just having soil or good seed isn't enough; there are other factors to consider.


Getting to the Root Cause

As herbalists, we talk about getting to the root cause, not just managing surface issues but sometimes, our actions don't align with our words.

 So maybe you've seen some people like this where every time you see them, they're trying like this new thing, whether it's put an apple cider vinegar in their water to try to lose weight, and the next time they got something else that they using to try to boost their metabolism, but they never have any actual traction.

Other people, maybe you always see them have a bunch of supplements, but you never ever see them with a fruit or a vegetable. When you go to the restaurant they never order, you know, the salad or the healthy thing, but you know they don't understand why they're not having that progress.

"People think they can just put herbs on top of a mess and call it blessed."

That's what we a lot of times do.

It's akin to thinking herbs alone can fix everything—a common misconception.

It's like wandering in the desert for 40 years without reaching the promised land.

The key is cleaning up the foundation first, not just layering on new things.


The foundation is crucial.

This is one of the reasons why I've shifted my focus to teach my students emphasize practical action.

I created the Practitioner Database,

which I call it that because I want to empower you to take action.

I want to empower you to create your own systems, to create your own protocols, because that's what's going to really bring the healing, that's what's going to really progress. You have to actually apply the knowledge. It's one thing to have knowledge, but if you don't apply it,

it's like you didn't even have it at all.

The database comprises two books. The first focuses on Providing Quality Community Care, covering consultations, inventory management, and program creation.

"I'm really big on giving quality consultations,

I'm really big on keeping track of your inventory management,

I'm really big on program creation,

because if you want to help people, that's where it starts."

"You have to be able to keep track of everything, be able to see what you have, be able to see what's coming in, what's going out, you need to be able to have an actual consultation, not just talking but really getting to the root of things, understanding things. And then, how do you create a program from that? Because it's one thing to know something, it's another thing to then make it make sense to someone else, to make them feel comfortable and confident in doing that."


The second book, "A Holistic Approach to Detoxing and Immune Issues," delves deeper into foundational health, detox protocols, parasite cleanses, heavy metal poisoning, addiction recovery, and more. It's not just about herbs but understanding the body's external needs too. I introduce concepts like hot and cold therapy, essential for a comprehensive healing approach.

 in this book, I'm going to go into foundational health.

What are the things you need to do first?

What are the things that you're going to need to do,

not just for today, but for the next six months, the next year, the next five years?

What are the things you need to do to detox your body,

not just to take something to move something?

What are the things you need to do to cleanse your body,

not just to flush something out?

What are the things you need to do to purify your body,

not just to remove something temporarily?

The main focuses of this foundation building includes

detoxing the gut (safely and seasonally),

 fortifying the immune system,

 and regaining control over your body.


It extends beyond herbs, offering detailed protocols, self-assessment tools, and progress charts.


Chapters Included:

Gut Digestive Health Protocol:

This protocol serves as a gateway to understanding and enhancing digestive health, laying the groundwork for overall vitality.

Detox (Elimination System) Protocol: 

This protocol guides you through the intricacies of detoxification, helping you eliminate toxins and rejuvenate your body's elimination pathways.

Comprehensive Parasite Cleanse Protocol:  

Explore effective protocols to address parasitic challenges and support your body in maintaining optimal health. Uncover insights into the top seven parasites, their symptoms, and the herbal remedies essential for combatting these unwelcome invaders.

Heavy Metal Poisoning Protocol:

Combat toxicity and reclaim balance with a targeted protocol for heavy metal poisoning. This section empowers you to address the effects of metal toxicity and restore equilibrium to your system.

Recurring Issues Protocol:

Break free from the cycle of setbacks with a specialized protocol designed to identify and address recurring health issues. Gain the tools to navigate and overcome challenges on your wellness journey.

Herbal Protocol for Addiction and Withdrawal: A compassionate and comprehensive guide to recovery based on individual triggers. 

Organ Removal Protocol: Know what to do to recover and restore balance after 14 of the top removal procedures.

Eczema Management Protocol: Calm the storm on your skin both now and proactively- learning the what, why and how. 

Swollen Lymph Nodes/ Lymphatic System Protocol: Suffering from swelling and water retention?This protocol is a guide to nurturing one of the main body's defense system. 

The Wisdom of Hot & Cold Therapy: Time-tested methods for well-being that extend beyond herbs.

Lupus Protocol: A holistic approach to managing Lupus symptoms with food, recipes and herbal remedies.  

 Expand Your Knowledge 

  • Cigarette, Alcohol, Recreational Drug, Caffeine, and Sugar Addiction: Tackling habits head-on.

  • Parasite Cleanse Progress Chart: Track your journey to a parasite-free life.

  • Top 7 Parasites and Their Remedies: A comprehensive guide for practitioners.

  • Heavy Metal Poisoning Self-Assessment Questionnaire: Know where you stand.

  • Addiction Recovery Progress Chart: Celebrate milestones on the path to freedom.

  • Eczema Care Diary: Your personal guide to soothing troubled skin.

  • Lymphatic Health Self-Assessment: Gauge your body's defense system.

  • Additional Note-Taking Space: Customize your experience and create personalized protocols.



In these books, not only am I going to give you protocols, but I'm going to give you self-assessments, I'm going to give you progress charts, because I don't just want to give you information, I want to make sure that you're understanding it, that you're applying it, and that you're seeing the progress from it.


Remember, it's not enough to passively consume information; true healing comes from actively applying that knowledge. Let's build a solid foundation for lasting health and vitality.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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