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Tried herbal medicine and it just "didn't work"?

Or are you frustrated with herbalists who keep saying the same things -

but you don't get the same outcomes?

It's time to build a foundation that's radically different from the ways of the world!

If you want to stop relying on memorized lists of herbs and their effects,

and you want to achieve lasting and consistent results every time, join us! Inside we'll teach our tried-and-true methods (unique to our programs)

that will take you from basic to breakthrough!

Programs providing empowerment, independence, holistic knowledge, community impact, cultural connection, and alignment with your spiritual values!

These are NOT your generic, easy (just push complete) courses. Our immersive programs provide hands-on training to make sure you apply all teachings before moving on. Get ready to explore and master advanced concepts founded on African holistic principles, which simply cannot be found anywhere else.  Everything from energetics to formulations will be uncovered in an easy to follow, real-life applicable approach.  KhadiYah doesn't provide her students with quick answers, instead she walks them through finding the answers on their own.


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