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  • Questions about Herbs or a Specific Condition?
    Our team is not able to answer questions that are not directly related to the products and services offered by Yah's Apothecary. If you have a question about herbs for a specific body system or condition, please visit out "Learn" page. Additionally, our search bar will help you find all of the relevant information and herbs for your specific concern that KhadiYah may have already addressed. For more detailed wellness programs, please visit our Practitioner Database which can be found on our Plans page. Plans Page Learn Page The search bar can be found at the top of the website.
  • Want to Schedule a Consultation?
    KhadiYah is currently booked with clients for the 2024 calendar year. If you would like to receive a custom blend service, please click here. Please note this service may be sold out at any-time but you are welcome to join the waitlist.
  • Want to Join a Course?
    We have a variety of courses to choose from: Kitchen Herbalist Course Mastering the Womb Course Holistic Herbalist Course (By Application Only) Grow Your Herbal Empire (The Complete Package)
  • Want to Join Class or In-Person Training??
    'For the rest of the 2024 calendar year, KhadiYah will conduct live sessions exclusively with students. To access our library of recorded classes, please visit our video page at (Scroll down to view our selection of classes!) For those inquiring about one-on-one in-person training, please be aware that KhadiYah only considers meeting with individuals who are currently enrolled in a course on our website. Personal training may be purchased as an additional option.
  • Bulk Herbs?
    Go here: Herbs | Pure Herbs Products | Her Healthy Home

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We appreciate your interest in our services and your dedication to improving your health. At our organization, we receive a substantial volume of emails each day, and while we strive to assist everyone, it becomes challenging to respond to all inquiries promptly. Therefore, we have implemented a process to prioritize those who have already taken steps towards investing in their health.

It is important to note that we are unable to provide our services free of charge or offer discounts. Our experience has shown that individuals who are willing to invest in their well-being are more likely to demonstrate the commitment required to make lasting lifestyle changes. We want to ensure that our resources and expertise are utilized by those who are genuinely serious about improving their health.

We encourage you to explore the wealth of free information available on our website, including hundreds of videos, newsletters, and blog posts. These resources can offer valuable insights and guidance for initiating positive changes. However, please understand that any further personalized assistance or support beyond these resources cannot be provided without the corresponding investment.

We sincerely thank you for your understanding and hope that you find the information available on our platform beneficial in your journey toward better health.

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  • Questions about joining a course.

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