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Herbalism of Your Grandparents
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The Herbalism of our Grandparents

The Home of Culturally Relevant, Holistically Deep, Biblically Sound Herbalism

Are you sick of the same surface level herbal content that has taken over the internet? Have you been unimpressed with other teachers that tell without explaining the intricate details? Do you want to learn how to become an herbalist who doesn’t just “do” but “embodies” the full essence of herbal wisdom?


Start Wherever You Are:

With your specific needs in mind!


Sow the First Seed!

So, you feel called to be an herbalist but after that, everything else is fuzzy? Sounds like you need our Steps to Becoming an Herbalist Download, it's 15 pages, filled with actionable steps and methods to help you avoid the most common herbal mistakes. The best part is you get to pick what you pay!


Prefer to Self Study?

Serious about learning but you just need the right tools? Our store is packed with everything you need, from bulk herbs and supplies to various books, workbooks, a coloring book, journal and textbook. We also sell replays of KhadiYah's classes that you can purchase A La Carte. Now, you have the flexibility to choose according to your specific interests and learning preferences. 


Try Before You Buy!

Arguably two of the mot important concepts to master as an herbalist are the physical body and herbal medicine making. You can have an archive of over 300+ recipes and herb profiles to explore. Plus explore the programs that I custom made for a variety of ailments. Join our Plans: The education level is high but commitment level is low!


Want the Entire Package?

Why choose one when you can have it all? Bulk herbs, Books and Video demonstrations guiding you through each step. Cement what you are learning in your journal. Download audio and notes for each lesson, access everything on mobile while on the go. Ask KhadiYah questions if you need additional help and interact with other students in our private group. Our courses are here to take your expertise to the next level.

"Shalom to Everyone! If there is anyone still trying to make a decision on whether or not to take the Herbal Holistic course or any of the courses that are offered at Yah's Apothecary by Khadiyah, please don't hesitate anymore. I was at that point due to a lack of funds but it was all worked out and my dad played a huge part in helping to get that done. Praises be to the heavenly Father for His provisions. I am so happy that I took the Holistic Herbalist Class. I revisit the course from time to time to refresh my memory or get a better understanding of a skill."


"Just as expected, very valuable information from the Advanced Herbal Formulating: Step by Step Making Blends That Work Course. KhadiYah went through the process of how to select appropriate herbs for individuals based on a layer of factors. She had students take an active role in our learning, which was very beneficial. I discovered the complexities in achieving an appropriate and healing herbal blend, both via tea and tincture. Looking forward to more courses!"


"Today I spoke with a close relative dealing with some health issues that needed to be addressed. I quickly went into herbalist mode and was able to give her sounds advice regarding herbal alternatives. I couldn't believe how much knowledge I've soaked up from all the courses and videos you've posted on here. It's moments like this that reminds me of why I chose this path to begin with. Please continue to share, it's definitely appreciated."

"There is so much to learn here. From deep diving into practical healthy applications of the right herb to tincture ratio; To gaining knowledge of how herbs, leaves, berries, roots and vines lend themselves to aide in our bodies ability- to self heal itself. Yahsapothecary in my opinion exists to help prepare, alert, and teach those who in this season have eyes to see and ears to hear."


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