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How to Fix Absent Periods + My Personal Story

Shalom family, in this video we're going to discuss absent periods. This is something that I struggled with ever since I first started having periods. I went over 10 years, over a decade, having all kinds of issues. I had absent periods but along with it I would get hormonal acne anytime my period was about to come around, even if I didn't have it! I would also have cramping, sometimes I'd have heavy bleeding or clotting. It was really out of control and even though I looked healthy on the outside I was not healthy on the inside. This is something that kind of got me to understand that something bigger was going on.

I went to doctors, many different doctors and none of them could give me any concrete reason why I was having issues. Infact, it wasn't until I actually started learning about herbs and how they work in the body and then learning also about my body that I was able to fix these issues that these doctors weren't able to.

That's what I want to share with you all today. If you're struggling with these issues you know one that they're not normal, two that they indicate something else that's going on in the body and three how you can use herbs to have results like I did!

There's a few things that you need to know first.

It is important to understand what's going on in the body.

When you have an absent period there has to be some kind of mismatch when it comes to the hormones. We want to give bring them back into balance.

We need to understand that our hormones are important especially in the female body the estrogen and progesterone are what can cause any hormonal issues with periods, fertility and all of that. Be mindful of what's going on estrogen. nowadays because there's estrogens in so many different products and there's hormonal disruptors that effect the estrogen. estrogen has kind of gotten a bad rep and people want to stay away from estrogen the same way they want to stay away from soy. I understand that but having an imbalance of estrogen, either too low or too high, both causes issues. When we see women going through menopause when their estrogen levels drop it actually leads to problems with osteoporosis because of estrogen is really instrumental for the bones. it's also very instrumental for heart health and so you have increased risk of heart disease when you're going through menopause. Estrogen is really important but if you have too much estrogen of course it can lead to issues such as weight gain or breast tenderness. In addition to this you may also have some mental fogginess, headaches or migraines.


If you're interested in knowing what all of these symptoms are, because I'm just going to name a few in this post, I have a free download and I'll link it down below. It's called the 31+ hormonal imbalances and their root cause. It is not just with estrogen and progesterone but also include testosterone as well. I also include thyroid hormones, so any kind of imbalance, you can look at the symptoms and divulge where you might need to start.


You need to know what the root cause is.

Estrogen is very important when you're looking at fertility the hormones they look at are LH and estrogen and so progesterone actually has a function of balancing the LH so both of them are important both of them are instrumental for everything and so you want to have that balance.

Progesterone really is kind of balancing a lot of other hormones in the body too but if you do have too much progesterone you can have weight gain and absent periods as well. Be mindful of what each hormone does in the body and how they work together. Only after you do this can you then understand where the deficiency is or where the imbalance is. You may have too little progesterone, too much estrogen, and if so, you're looking twofold at two different imbalances that you need to work on.

When you're looking to increase estrogen there are different plants that have phytoestrogens in them. These plant estrogens can help if you have low levels of estrogen but also they're thought to balance high estrogen levels as well. Many of us know that soy has estrogen but the whole legume family or what's known as the pea family also contains these phytoestrogens. I notice when people are vegan, they may get a lot of estrogens because of eating a large quantity of beans, peas, or pea protein when buying packaged foods.

That's something you need to be mindful of, it's really easy though to have excess estrogen. Plastics may have these hormonal disruptors, our beauty care products, toothpaste, and forever chemicals (pfas) can all disrupt the hormones. And because they are found in so many different products it is hard to not have excessive estrogen. if you're eating a balanced regimen of whole foods, and you don't eat much beans then you might need a little bit of estrogen.

Other plants like red clover which is in the pea family, has phytoestrogens as well herbs like sage. On the other hand we don't have herbs that necessarily have progesterone in them but there are some herbs they can help the body to stimulate the production of progesterone. There's also different herbs that you can use to get rid of excess chemicals or hormones.

I have a whole playlist now on hormones, click here to watch on Youtube.


That's how I started with a formula for myself. I had herbs for estrogen and progesterone to make sure that I was balancing my hormones. I noticed other things about myself, I started struggling once I moved to TN, I started struggling with my lymph nodes being swollen. I knew that I had problems with my lymphatic system. I had trouble with constipation and so I knew that I needed more support in other parts of my body. From being an African-based herbalist, I know that certain organs are connected to one another. I knew that it was important for me to look into making some kind of wellness program for myself centered around my liver and kidneys.

I really got myself into using some bitter herbs that I knew really supported the liver. Dandelion root was one of the instrumental herbs for me but sometimes I got sick of having dandelion root so then I would use like burdock root, even though Burdock is more kidney focused. I was making sure I got my digestion right, making sure that my body is eliminating toxins and waste. The liver also has a function with the hormones as well and so with all of this together I was able to reverse my hormonal issues in just 30 days.

It was crazy because I spent over 10 years struggling with this issue and I was able to fix it in 30 days. I hesitate to say how fast it was for me because it might take longer for someone else, but I want to put this out there because so many times we read about this herb balances hormones, this this plant is a hormone regulator, and so they think that just doing that alone is going to work and for me it was a whole program. I was taking herbs, I had tinctures as well that I would be taking and it was a combination of different herbs. It also takes time and also takes you doing these things over and over and over... so if you struggle with absent periods look at some of the other symptoms that you're having to kind of give you a bigger picture of what's really needed.

I had what's called stagnation. I had stagnation, constipation is the stagnation of waste being removed. Swollen lymph nodes is stagnation and so I needed to be really detoxify the body. I needed to purge the body. I really needed to build up the digestive system because if my body is getting nutrients but it's not assimilating those nutrients then it's basically like I didn't have them.

So, I hope that this gives you a more rounded perspective of the things that you need to do if you do have absent periods.