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African Herbalism for Modern Times
African Herbalism for Modern Times

dim. 30 juil.


Online Conference

African Herbalism for Modern Times

Let's honor our heritage, nourish our bodies, and ignite the spark of holistic wellness within us.

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Time & Location

30 juil. 2023, 15:00 – 16:10 UTC−5

Online Conference

About the event

Join us for an eye-opening webinar that delves into the profound connections between our physical health, emotions, and energetic well-being.

In a society that often overlooks the healing traditions of our ancestors, it's time for us to reconnect with the potent remedies rooted in our heritage. Imagine embracing the vibrant energy and ancient knowledge of African herbs, harnessing their incredible ability to restore balance to our bodies, minds, and spirits.

This isn't just about generic wellness trends—it's about embracing our cultural identity and reclaiming our place in the realm of holistic health. We'll dive deep into the rich tapestry of African herbalism, uncovering the transformative potential that lies within our traditional remedies.

In this jam-packed 1 hour training we'll uncover

  • The Importance of Energetics in Herbalism: Explore the concept of herbal energetics and discover how different herbs can restore balance to our energetic bodies, addressing imbalances that manifest as physical, emotional, or mental issues.

  • The Mind-Body Connection: Gain a deeper understanding of how our emotions can impact our physical well-being. Explore real-life examples and case studies that highlight the profound influence of emotional states on our overall health. Learn how herbal remedies can support emotional well-being, helping us achieve harmony between our internal and external worlds.

  • A Two-Way Street: Explore the fascinating relationship between physical ailments and emotional or mental changes. Discover how an illness can trigger emotional responses or lead to mental imbalances, and vice versa. Gain insights into the interconnectedness of our body systems and emotions, and how herbal remedies can address both the physical and emotional aspects of our health.

  • Holistic Perspectives on Organ Health: Delve into the intricate web of organ interactions within our bodies. Explore how illnesses can affect multiple organs and systems, leading to cascading effects on our overall well-being. Learn how herbalism takes a comprehensive approach, addressing the root causes of ailments and supporting multiple organs simultaneously for holistic healing.

This is our time to rise, reclaim our ancestral wisdom, and redefine what it means to thrive in the modern world. 

Let's honor our heritage, nourish our bodies, and ignite the spark of holistic wellness within us.

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Teaching thousands of women the steps to cultivate a happier and healthier life!

KhadiYah is a community herbalist, author and content creator. She specializes in teaching African and African American herbal traditions. She prides herself on being a self professed "Kitchen Herbalist" and teaches others to be the same. She also coined the T.E.A. method to teach her students how to make the perfect blend of tea every time.

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