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The Kitchen Herbalist Course

  • 52pasos
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Trying something new is often scary and overwhelming. You're afraid to mess up, or worse, poison yourself, by "doing it wrong". That's why I propose kitchen herbs for herbalists who want to get their feet wet! Culinary herbs are a no-brainer; you already enjoy them; you know where to find them and how to use them in and as food. Fortunately, many of these herbs have little side effects and can be used safely by most people. The health benefits associated with these herbs will shock you as well, many of these herbs are beneficial for - Supporting the immune system - Boosting the digestion - Pain relief - Cold & flu prevention and recovery - Strong Mental health - First Aid Fill your apothecary in just 10-20 minutes a day, Cut your OTC and prescription 💊 costs, Learn what to actually do with the leftover herbs you are already buying 🌿, Comfortably treat a variety of ailments in house and quickly, Craft delicious recipes that your hubby and kids will eat (and supplement their nutrition with ease), Be prepared for the times ahead, Get the Most High's stamp of approval by returning to Eden! Make Your very own Herbal Bone Broth Herb Vinegar, Extracts Herbal Syrup Herb Infused oil Oxymel Poultice Capsules & Powders Extracts & Tinctures This course includes 30+ Videos Herb Starter Kit (5 Herbs) Hardcover copy of Everyday Herbs Hardcover Holistic Herb Journal Kiddie Kitchen Apothecary Laminated Herbal Preparation Sheets + 1 Month Library of Herbal Wisdom Plan Certificate of Completion* Turn your home cookin' into food that's nourishing from the inside out.

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