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Medicinal Benefits of Yarrow


Achillea Millefolium

Common Names: woundwort, spearwort, old's man pepper

Asteraceae Family

Parts Used: Flowers, leaf

Actions: vulnerary, diuretic, emmenagogue, aromatic, styptic, diuretic, antiseptic, astringent, Bitter Tonic, relaxing and stimulating Diaphoretic, Vascular Tonic

Energetics: stimulant, aromatic, pungent, cooling/warming

Organ Affinity: nervous system, heart, lungs, liver

Yarrow is a hardy weed like perennial. It prefers meadows and sunny fields, though yarrow can tolerate shade. The taller than knee high plant grows as much up as it does out. From one root, mini plants grow out in all directions at the slightest glimmer of spring. The bottom leaves are larger than the ones closer to the flower top. The beautiful green feathery leaves are opposite in pattern, the "mille folium" or thousand leaf name is accurate as each individual "feather" is its own. The fresh leaves have a cucumber like, refreshing taste. The dried leaves are much more bitter and aromatic in flavor.

Yarrow is a mysterious plant, that is delicate yet strong, neither hot nor cold, both blood moving and blood stopping.

Yarrow is in the Daisy or Aster family. Yarrow, like other white and yellow flowers, is healing to the skin. I like to think that these plants impart their beauty to the beholder both internally and externally. It's no mistake that many flowers have an affinity for the women's reproductive system. They teach us how to be gentle yet resilient, beautiful and blossoming, containing the seed for new life. Spiritually, yarrow is used for trauma, crisis and grief. Yarrow flower essence is used for bleeding hearts, and to encourage repair in emotional wounds that are healing slowly.

Yarrow is a mysterious plant, that is delicate yet strong, neither hot nor cold, both blood moving and blood stopping. Yarrow is used for a variety of blood and disorders. It is used for varicose veins, hemorrhoids, wound healing blood stagnation, and excess bleeding. When in powder form, yarrow leaf can disinfect and stop wound and nose bleeding. A pinch of the powder can be placed in the nose to stop a nosebleed, I prefer using yarrow over goldenseal for this purpose.

Yarrow can be used for inflammation, on the skin in a salve or poultice. It’s also used for muscle spasms, colds, flu, whopping cough and asthma. It can increase perspiration which can also help reduce fever. Some herbs to combine with yarrow for fever include peppermint, elderflower and catnip.

Neutral Temperature Hemostatic Astringent/Vulnerary

Diuretic Emmenagogue Aromatic

Bitter Tonic Diaphoretic


Yarrow is one of the herbs I have in various forms; I keep the flower, dried herb, powder, tincture, hydrosol and oil on hand. I've used the yarrow infused oil on cuts to stop bleeding while opening bandages and it works the charm!

Contraindications: Allergic reaction can occur. Yarrow is not recommended while pregnant or breastfeeding.

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